intruder security

Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm is the key component in the overall security management of your premises.

All SAS Systems are installed to the European EN50131 Standards and may be monitored remotely via a 24 hour central monitoring station utilising standard PSTN phone lines, GSM/GPRS, IP network or dedicated Mesh Radio technology.

We design, install, maintain and service the latest technology of intruder systems including the industries leading brands.

The systems we design and install are modular in design, utilizing wired and wireless technology and capable of handling small or larger facilities alike.



access control

Access Control

SAS Fire & Security Access Control System provide controlled access for authorised persons to restricted areas.

With our experience, we can design a solution specific to your requirements, whether it’s a single door or a multiple site network solution.

A full range of access control technologies are available including Swipe, Proximity, Smart Cards and Digital Keypads.

Biometric technology may also be used including finger print readers, iris or retina scanners, hand readers and even facial detection.

Suitable access cards may be supplied with photo identification as well as simple fobs or tokens.

All events (including time and attendance) may be monitored on a clients p.c. locally or remotely over a sites network to view events, reports or simply who is in the building/facility for health and safety information.

A full range of locks, audio video intercoms, barrier and gate automation may also be integrated, supplied and installed as part of the access control solution.


securitycctv sas fire and security



CCTV Systems

SAS Fire & Security design and install a wide range of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems, providing a full service approach from on site auditing/risk assessment to installation and monitoring.

CCTV Systems range from cost effective traditional analogue cameras connected to a digital video recorder (DVR) to fully scalable IP solutions with centralised management and storage for multiple sites.

As remote access is important to our clients, all CCTV Systems now have the facility to be viewed (via broadband connection) via Apps on mobile devices or on line.

Some value added features available to modern CCTV technology include high definition quality, point of sale monitoring, automatic number plate recognition, video analytics (facial recognition), people counting and behavioral pattern monitoring.

cctv security

Remote CCTV monitoring can takeover when your premises is closed providing a live response to warn off intruders.




fire and security

Fire Alarms

SAS Fire & Security design, supply, install and maintain a full range of fire detection systems to the recognised IS 3218/EN-54 Standards.

SAS fire alarm systems are designed to suit the risk/requirement, whether its life safety, property protection and safe evacuation.

We can supply many types of control systems including Analogue Addressable, Conventional and Wireless design in order to provide the best and safest solution.

In Ireland we are authorised to supply, install & maintain the prestigious range of EMS wireless fire alarm systems, recognised as one of the leading companies in the radio (wireless) fire alarm market.

Older fire alarms (even those not originally installed by SAS) can be repaired and maintained in order to ensure your system is working correctly and complies with the current standards.



Additional Services

SAS Fire & Security offer a full range of additional services to meet our customers changing risks and requirements.

Many of these systems and services are enhancements to current installations to add additional protection or a cost effective solution.

These services include:-

  • Retail Point of Sale Monitoring
  • Traffic Barriers and Gate Automation
  • Security Smoke Cloak
  • Keyholding and Alarm Response Service.
  • Environmental Monitoring (i.e. Fridges, Water Detection, Plant Monitoring etc).
  • Security Fence.
  • People Counting and Heat Mapping.

We also provide an estimation cost service to enable customers to put together tenders or budgets for the design and installation of Security and Fire systems.